Vitamins & Supplements: Are They Really Bad For Us?

‘Healthy’ vitamins to avoid if you’re ill

Rule book: Calcium is advised to maintain strong bones - but should be avoided if you have kidney disease

In 2008, the group first published a statistically non-significant increase in prostate cancer risk associated with vitamin E alone. Now after further follow-up, this trend has become significant, representing a 17 percent increase in prostate cancer risk among men who were healthy at the onset of the trial and were given vitamin E supplements. Vitamin E is a naturally found compound that protects our cells and has known anti-inflammatory properties. It is currently recommended that adults consume 22 units a day, and is found in many of the foods we normally eat. However, the study found that the majority of men taking vitamin E supplements consumed over 400 units of vitamin E a day. This means that the experimental dose given to participants of the study reflected the elevated consumption associated with supplementation.
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PurePharma Named An Official Health Supplement of NPE!

These can cause pain when the body then tries to pass the stone out in the urine. Treatment can, in some cases, involve surgery. STOMACH ULCERS: AVOID VITAMIN A Numerous bacterial infections such as stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori are treated with a class of drug known as tetracycline antibiotics. These work by preventing the growth and spread of bacteria. However, there may be a serious contra-indication if you take an additional vitamin A supplement as well as tetracycline antibiotics, says Sylvia Turner. There has been suggestion that vitamin A may help repair the injured stomach lining, but taking large amounts over many months some 2.3mg more than the recommended 0.7mg a day for men or 0.6mg for women can lead to a condition known as intracranial hypertension.
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vitamins supplements

Greeley says. Im pleased to say that PurePharmas range of supplements meets our high standards, and were confident about putting our name behind them. Thats why PurePharma has been named an official health supplement of NPE. The Danish company is already a big name in the CrossFit community and through that link NPE hopes to support more fitness business owners with its coaching programs. NPE is well known for helping coaches master the business of fitness and has offices around the world. It provides everything health and fitness professionals need to know to drive commercial results, offering a unique skill set to help establish and drive a successful business.
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